kimberlyheadshot1I truly believe in each of us having a purpose unfolding throughout our lives. A soul mission. That’s a fairly trite statement, I realize and quite possibly disheartening unless we hold onto this one truth, while our soul mission maybe the same for all; to recognize self as God, our individuality is unique. Because of the personal path we’ve each traveled, we are never to be replicated in heart and soul. Unfortunately many of us stray from our value by placing it’s importance on the numbers of persons who know, love and approve of us. Without this large pool of acceptance (often from those we don’t even respect) we often believe we are insignificant. My intention when connecting with another person is to reveal the deeper more meaningful aspects of the souls journey. To give depth to the experience of life and it’s continuing layers of struggle. To reveal the gift being given through a redirection of perception can bring profound healing.