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Although The Power of Now, has been out for years, I often refer back to it when I find my mind contracting and attempting to keep me stuck. I would like to post a few of the key phrases that help me remember how to move beyond the ego’s hold over my heart.

“Choice means you are using a high degree of consciousness”. What he’s saying here, is that when we are partaking in our patterns, we are not conscious, that we aren’t really choosing at all. We like to think we are choosing, as it gives us a false sense of power. However, if you can be in a pattern and change your reactive behaviors, then you are choosing in those small moments of awareness. This is where your power can be derived. Don’t worry so much about not being in your patterns, so much as learning how to break out of them moment by moment. this is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself, small changes can lead to permanent ones!

“Unconsciousness is what allows us to be caught in our habits, patterns and beliefs of the mind”. Again, which is why small steps towards watching yourself is what’s needed. Our beliefs are what get us into trouble. It’s what Byron Katie bases all her work on and how we shift is by challenging what we believe. It’s the minds hold on us that keeps us from stepping into the heart. I have recently discovered that all my years of therapy have truly kept me trapped, teaching me that analysis would be my savior, when in fact it’s kept me caged in a logic that holds no ability to see the other person in a kind way. I’ve often used it as a sword rather than a balm. I hope to shift that now that I understand how I’ve used analysis as a shield from exploring the hearts ability to love regardless of¬† another persons actions.

“Forgive for they know not what they do”, Eckhart quoting Jesus. What’s he saying? That even when we believe we are choosing something, we often are just reacting. We usually step forward with the validation of what the mind can muster up as justification¬† for our behaviors towards others. When we are ready to experience self acceptance, when we are ready to feel peace, we can allow it. I have been struggling with this within myself. I have been doing Byron Katie’s worksheet, “one belief” and it’s been profoundly helpful in revealing the lies within my mind that I’ve so strongly clung to in order to stay justified in my anger or pain. I want to give that up.