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What is your definition of spirituality? What is your idea of a leader?

Where does your spirituality come from, where does it live in your body?

Can loving connection come from the mind or is it an action that is taken when the heart becomes activated and does the interpreting along with the head?

As with Byron Katie’s teaching and that again of Marshall Rosenberg, our thoughts must be interrupted in order for the heart to engage. To question: from whence our thoughts arrive, where were they learned and what are they serving, can bring great personal wisdom. Often, because of our cultural education, the heart does not lead in communication. We must give the  heart an opportunity to work in tandem with the mind. The mind has to be taught how to forge a perception that is greater then self -protection.

This is where you’ll develop the ability to ask, what is my motivation, what shall be my guide?

As long as your decisions lead you to a place of heart motivated answers, any safety you desire in life will have a chance to build and grow from within.

The choices we make moment by moment are what develop how we become and perceive the world around us. Is it a world whose only purpose is death and destruction or is it a world of continual growth and evolution?  Mind abandoning heart or heart engaging with mind?  Which will lead you? Yes, the mind can see the “truth” of the everyday atrocities, and using the heart as a perception device may look like an airy-fairy sugar coated version of that view-but that’s if that’s how you choose to see it.

The heart provides profound moments of truth when given permission to speak. We’ve all seen photo’s of devastation, suffering and pain and among them we’ll see a single flower cutting through the soil, in it’s own equal struggle for life, it reveals it’s quiet knowing beauty.  That single flower could bring your mind to its knee’s, or rather, into the heart; as this expression of life, which blooms so innocently, is the divine’s challenge to show us beauty amongst the destruction, if we choose to see it.  We are given the task to rise above the moment, to not judge what we cannot understand without the clairvoyant view from the heavens.

This is our work as a species and in many ways what Barbara Marx Hubbard espouses.

How to get in contact with God, the real truth of God? Not the man made with human traits of hate and jealousy and justice God- but the divine knower of all that is (which resides within us), the God that quietly resides in moments of connection, contentment, safety. Each traits of trust or even more confronting: blind faith. You would be mistaken to consider faith as passive.  It takes diligence of mind, the act of conscious directing and choosing what thoughts and idea’s one will serve.

It is my guess that even when there is death and destruction that the God energy of this planet does not wail in grief and misery but simply goes about knowing the ultimate Truth. Knowing that in time our species will set aside the pettiness of personality differences and embrace the unique expression that comes forward as an I.

As that begins to happen over and over and over and….over…then the Christ Consciousness seed that is felt within  so many of us wandering souls will unfold fully and the upliftment referred to as enlightenment will have it’s day among humanity and the planet Earth. The divine beings whose presence surrounds and guides us, does not fret, the discovery of self as God beings in harmonious action and perceptions can come.

Listen to the heart and what it has to say when you are in communication with those around you who are yet unable to listen for themselves (what you are yet to do for yourself), love unconditionally. Listen to their desire to be held and see that same desire within you. Look to their pain as a plea for acceptance. Honor that plea and give it. It’s damn hard, but you can do it. Break into the heart and do it; lead.

We are each prisoners of judgment, shame, guilt and fear. I sit and I watch the defensive postures of those around me in the café, each unaware of that very fact. Each believing the defensive mechanism they have chosen truly hides their insecure condition. The tattooed man with his armored ink believes he cannot be seen, the rabbit hidden within the bush holds stone still, but those of us skilled in sight spot the vulnerable creature nonetheless.

The fear that carries us daily propels us into the hardened world we continue to create. The one faced with deathly images of children, men and their mothers being raped, murdered and killed right next door to us and yet, nothing stops us long enough to feel their death upon our hands. We continue forth believing we are innocent because we are suffering too, but we do not stop long enough to accept this fact. Rather we move forward with our hard bodies, hard minds, hard breasts and ever growing hardened hearts.

Perhaps the ink on the next tattoo will actually penetrate the veins of life and pull blood from ourselves, a blood that within it’s vibrant red flow causes us to pause and feel the trickle of life it provides. We rush past and through our existence either praying it will end or believing we are invisible (I meant to write invincible, do you suppose that’s a glorious faux pas of the unconscious trying to teach its lesson?) and never really ever feeling the glory of God within.

The struggle runs so deep because we carry so many layers of pain of mis-belief. We store lies within our system of judgment. They feel like truths because they have logic and sense attached to them, or so we think. They make sense because they are true for us. The words we hear in our head we automatically accept as true. How often do we question the thoughts we carry. We see someone look at us and make an instant deduction of what the persons could be thinking and of course, whatever it is, it’s generally about us. About our good looks or fat body, about the bad hair we feel we have or the great sense of style we project. I wonder how many times that person we believe is thinking about us in that moment, is actually looking past us and wondering about what the person behind us is thinking about them!

How often do we have a thought that actually is incorrect? How often is our perception of why what another person does is actually being colored by your current mood ? Have you ever noticed that your mood actually is the determining factor of what someone is thinking? Have you ever noticed that your own guilt can provide the very reason that the person before you is being judged?

May want to visit the Byron Katie website for more info. on questioning thought patterns. She is genius.