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I am working on this God thing and it’s so tricky.  We each could easily become the priest in Carnival. Pushing our will forth believing it is the will of God, especially if we were to have a bit of power like he does (the priest).  One could automatically assume that the “gift” is from God, as I had once I started channeling.  I immediately thought, it was God coming through me and I am sure today that it hasn’t always been divine energy that has spoken through me.  I am embarrassed by my mistakes and yet know there will be many more in reference to the information that I give and the intentions that I carry.  As the only way to be truly clean in this work or anything else one encounters (friendships, love relationships) is to have absolutely no agenda and no desired outcomes whatsoever.  Hard to do, because if we have a goal with the intention of someone else doing well or being happy, those are still agenda’s which may impede on another’s needed journey toward the experience of enlightenment.  To ease another’s suffering may indeed be holding them back, as their comfort only allows contentment, therefore, where is the motivation to move forward? No stench, no frustration, no movement usually. I wrote this in 2006 and find it still true for me.