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The idea that we are being punished by God by such things as sexually transmitted diseases is completely a man made fantasy for the continual purpose of maintaining a guilt ridden conscious. This must have happened because you’re bad may sound rational but since most of us are born into the training that we are bad already, it would make more sense to say, this happened because you believe you’re bad and need to be punished for the choices you’ve made. You’re bad and will be punished and then this is the proof of that is so flipping brilliant. Because we’ve come to accept our badness without question and therefore the “logic” of such statements goes unchallenged. Yet, for me, that kind of talk (I am bad) has always let me feeling….uhhh… bad. Again, that fact can be used as a sort of validation for my badness, but I now know through discernment, that what my feeling of “badness” is because I have accepted the biggest lie of all, that I am bad. I am unworthy. I am nothing. I am a sinner. The reason for my ache and my further defensive reactivity is not because I am guilty but because I am continuously fighting the core lie. Continuously struggling with trying to get the world to see that the lies which humanity unquestionably accepts are set in place to manipulate and control individuals.