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I just saw the Fathead commercial with an infant/toddler hugging a decal of his dad that was affixed to the wall. It was meant to serve as a replacement for his dad who was in the military service. Why they think it’s a good idea to have a flatten, dead image of his dad, who can’t show him any affection I will never know! It was painful to watch this little one reach out to a cold wall. Perhaps he is being set up for a lifetime of feeling a wall between he and his father-a hidden memory of reaching out and getting nothing in return. Once his father does come home, who’s to say that intimacy and care is something he will allow himself to feel anymore. War often creates a barricade around the heart of those who live just to survive. His physical body will return but will his capacity to feel and love be present too? One can only hope he will be able to get the emotional support and care needed to recover from his wartime experience.