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Lately I’ve been coming across a sign that reads, “Drive like your kids live here.” Every time I read it, I cringe. I hate it. It makes me mad. What’s meant to promote consciousness, care and concern is really only encouraging a narrow and selfish way of viewing life.

Every time I see one of those signs I want to go up to it with a spray paint can and put an X over the word “your”…thusly it would read, “drive like kids live here”. For me that is reason enough to slow down, to be a tad more cautious, to think, “thanks for the reminder,” children are scampering about here. That sign would then read to me as, “please have that in mind when passing through-at a reasonable speed with alert eyes”. That’s all I need. I don’t need to envision it as MY child that would be killed or hurt. I would care, no matter whose child was injured by my car. Wouldn’t most of us? Do we really believe in a world that is so callous that the only reason someone would drive slower is because it’s his or her flesh and blood being maimed? God, I should hope not. Yes, we see incidents of it happening all over the world, people are being bombed, killed, shot…and children are involved but how can we hope for a more caring and thoughtful world if we proliferate thinking that only directly affects our personal welfare?
We are being taught to not care about anyone else unless they are directly linked to us-blood first and maybe a neighbor second if it’s not too much of a bother.

In my world, I am open to supporting others who can’t support themselves, I am into teaching others new ways of seeing that’s inclusive rather than self-grandising, I am interested in helping for the sake of care and not self promotion, but more importantly I don’t do it for approval or to be a “good person”. I do what I do because it comes from my personal integrity and if we gave permission to ourselves to trust our own hearts, I doubt we’d ever conceive of a sign that in affect says, “care only because your direct bloodline will be affected”.

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