This is where session work can be most revealing. Citing an individuals emotional connections to the people they share their lives with today and in previous lifetimes can be highly beneficial to their souls unfoldment onto higher planes of consciousness ( enabling more loving thoughts). Past life information provides an opportunity to guide an individual who is entrenched with particular fears, pain, anger, prejudice, phobia’s and other traits we might judge harshly and offers explanation beyond logic that resonates with the emotional or more intuitive side of the individual.

Suffice it to say, without all of the information about who you are, where you’ve been and endured as a soul, it’s strictly due to ignorance you’ve judged yourself so unfairly.

My sessions are educational in nature and provide deeper knowledge than any textbook template could provide.
The knowing carried within each of us has an opportunity to be validated (and very often for the first time). There is an emotional truth of the soul that is mirrored during our time together that is being provided by the grace and desire of the universe to be of service.